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Activities in 1st Semester (1st Week of June to 1st Week of October)

Unit Test, Mid-Term Test, Terminal Examination, Inter House Intramural Games for seniors & Juniors, Inter-House Club Activities, Inauguration of Student Council, Tours & Inter-House cultural shores, Investiture ceremony, Independence day & Teachers day, Education project, Sports meet, Annual day celebration, Faculty training & Orientation Program, Group Discussion & Guest Lectures.

Activities in 2nd Semester (1st Week of October to 1st Week of April)

Unit test, Mid-term test, Terminal & Revision Examination (X&XII), Common Examination for class XI, Pre-board exam, Inter-house Intra Mural games for junior, Inter-house club activities, Children's day, Career guidance seminars, Christmas day celebration, Pongal celebration, Graduation day for the Kindergarden, Seminars & briefing sections.

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The medium of instruction:English

Languages taught:

The type of linguistic multiplicity & Variety which is available in India is usually not found in any other parts of the world. It is the part of linguistic reality in India hence the school education should prepare the child to adjust to it. Keeping this in mind, the school provides opportunities to learn various languages such as Tamil, French and Hindi.


The School aims to provide modern all - round education with special emphasis on moral and ethical instruction as well as physical education, nurturing character building, tolerance and co-operation, striving for excellence in every field or endeavor will be encouraged. Maximum opportunities will be provided in the campus to encourage imitativeness, self reliance, leadership qualities, resilience and cognitive development. Special efforts will be made to Identify and encourage the special ability and talent of the child. Multimedia and animation based class rooms with Digi-board HCL(smart class)facilities have been improvised making the teaching and learning process more virtual.

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Activities offered outside the class room during the week, weekends and holidays. In order to ensure the deveopment of total pernonality of the student, the school provides ample opportunities to develop the physical and mental ability of the students and engage them in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities organized around the world of sports. Various major and minor games are taught to the children and the students are made a familiar with all the popular and standard games.

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Our school is highly improvised with extra-ordinary playgrounds for conducting sports activities viz., Inter & Intra mural sports events. The following are some of the features of our school.

Free play ground will be given for the students to have vigrous practice.
Tournaments will be conducted
Variouse track events such as 100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m, relay 4X100, 4X400, long jump, high jump & triple jump, foot ball, Kabadi, Volley ball, Throw ball, Bad minton, Shot put, Javelin throw and Disc throw etc., and all games will be orgaized at our own ground located at Modern city near Hindu College. Students will be taken for the practice by our transportation.
NCC, NSS, Scouts/Guides-wil be programmed.
Swimming pool has been furnished to make the learnerns to have a practice in swimming.
Our school has bee furnished with indoor stadium provided with carom, chess and Table tennis.

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DAV is a big faily with care and concern for every DVaians is our top priority. the teachin fraternities taking enormous efforts in networking a good suppport system to encourage chidren to cultivate good habits; to discard their unhealthy ways if any; to correct their istakes, to guide them in proper direction with wise counselling and also by showing that, love can be 'tough' too. The special assemblies in the schoo provide much needed emotional and spiritual support. Value education classes provide guidance for the children. Medical camp related to the health and hygiene will be formulated every month for the students. Mainteance of strong physical and mental well being of the students will be our prime motto. The Philosophy of DAV is built on the fact that it should be a learning school. Being a learnin school, We aim towards a shared vision
We are flexible to adapt
we are democratic
We work on te principle of self actualization
we use technology
we develop a professional approach
we centre a quality

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To impart sound education with English as medium of instruction
To instill social values inspired by needs around us
To develop the overall personality on the child taking into consideraion the mental, physical,social and spiritual needs of the chid.
To include values, attitudes and habits that focuses on special order, human dignity, political and economic justice.

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Web-based maintenance of deails of students, parents and teachers that is complemented by a versatile "Search" option.
Entire details of the students in their well-being, pscychological aspects behavioral strategy and coping skills will be maintained.

SMS Alert

Access to schools for sending SMS to parents and staff.
Options for sending SMS specific to parents of a individual, group, class or events whole school.
Processed with a Unique Sender will be given to the parents.


Acts as an interactiion platform for parents and teachers.
An effective medium of communication between Teachers and Parents reduces virtual distance between parents and teachers and in turn increases the bondage
This platform enables scheduling meetings between e parents and the techer/principal, which aids to prevent waiting in queues or having unplanned appointments.

Scholarshp schemes
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Admissions will be given for the (+1) eleventh stadard students. The top scoreers of SSLC public examinaton will be receiving 50% of fee concession irrespective of boards. Tamilnadu Goverment sanctioned schoarship has been made availabel for the students fro 1 to XII standard belonging to minorities and backward comunities. Free scholarship will be avail for meritorious and economically & Socially under privileged students can contact 'THE CHAIRMAN' on April-14-2016.

Feedback Management

Opportunities for both students and parents for providing valuable feedbacks.
Schools can self-evaluate on their strengths and weakness based on the feedback received.
Teacher's area of improvement can be identified useing the feedback from parents.

Syllabus Management

Helps teachers to plan their work and make children work accordingly.
Children become more effective in covering topics based on teachers plan.
Students can easily know the syllabus of a particular exam or test, based o the teacher's date.
The books available to improve and increase the students reading habits.
This platform is helpful for students in terms of planning their studies based on the availability of books.
School Library can easily track and maintain records of books usage in library.

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Offers a simple and easy solution for making and maintaining attendance.
Instant notification via SMS of any absenteeism to parents.
Ability to view attendance as graphs with various comparison menus will provide statistical data over a particular period of time.

Homework and Assignment

Alerts about homework or any assignment can be sent through SMS.
Parents and students can know the deadlines for the homework and assignments.
Even enables sharing assignment/work sheet relate documents project for ensuring the academic excellence of the children.

Exam Time Table

Online maintenance and planning of eam schedule with easy creation and updation options.
Notifications on exam timetable can be sent to parents through SMS and e-mails.
Prior exam timetable will be given through school diary.

Rank card

Parents can be notified via SMS and E-mail also. Parents can view the progress report of the children by assissing the online plarform. Easy accessible for parents to approach school Teachers and Principal. Aid students to identify improvement areas for better growth.

Star of the Month

Access for schools to set goals to students and award athe students with a certificated on successful copletion of the same. A time to scho "Students of the Month" (SoM) certificate can be generated for an student chosen by the school management (appreciation for punctuality) students awarded with reward certificate can be displayed on the dashboard as a motivation.

News and Events
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Periodical review of events organized in the school can be assessed by the parents. Images of recent events/school activities can be posted online and shared with parents. Parents can be entreated to view embedded videos that are shared online. Privacy in viewing the images and videos in a secured platform has been implemented instead of sharing it in social media.